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Old 10-03-2011, 02:50 AM
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Default How many times do you trade a week?

Forex Market Hours: How many times do you trade a week?


Forex Market Hours: How many times do you trade a week?
This is a question that is largely asked.
Ezekiel. How many times do you trade a week? or How many times should i trade a week?
Whats your answer?
(Forex Market Hours)
My answer to them is pretty much the same -
0 to 10 times a week.
There is no definite figure and there never will be.
As mentioned before, we enter trades when a setup occur with price action confirmation.
Therefore, if there is NO setups = There is NO entry.
It can absolutely happen when there is NO setup for the entire week.
Which accounts for the 0 times a week. (But it rarely happens)
And there may be weeks when there are alot of setups (may be even more than 10)
But on average. Its between 0 to 10 times a week.
Forex Market Hours: How many times do you trade a week?

Forex Market Hours
Some of you guys may think.
That’s very little.
Yes its very little.
Would you rather have more trades with more losses OR
Would you rather have less trades with more wins?
Think about it.
The reason why we take so little trades is because we filter away alot of the low probability winning trades.
‘Most traders find reasons to enter, professional traders find reasons NOT to enter’ – Ezekiel Chew
Therefore, every trade we take. Must have a high probability of winning.
Which will eventually lead to a good growth in your account.
Forex Market Hours: How many times do you trade a week?

Forex Market Hours
Therefore, if you are trading way over than 10 trades a week.
Look at the success rates you are getting.
If you are getting a high success rate on all the trades. That’s good.
But if you are not getting a high success rate. You need to think twice about your forex trading strategy.
Are you trading the right way?
Will your trading style lead you to a consistent growth at the end of the day?
Remember – Forex trading is NOT all about taking trades.
It requires you to think about and to have a proper forex trading system, a plan.
This is a business. This is not gambling.
If you are taking trades based on gut feel. – You are a gambler.
I would recommend you to stop trading altogether. Either stop forex trading, or spend some time to learn how to trade forex the right way.
Check out our online forex trading AFM winning Forex Price Action Forex Course where i teach you the exact FULL Forex Trading Strategies | system that i personally use to be consistently profitable. (Forex Market Hours)
See you on the other side my friend,
Asia Forex Mentor
Ezekiel Chew
Asia #1 Forex Mentor
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Old 04-23-2019, 10:51 PM
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It really depends on the situation, as if I find a favourable conditions then I would trade as much as I feel comfortable with. But if I am uncertain then I might not trade even once. But I do trade pretty regularly, and it helps because of broker like FreshForex, as they are special.

And that’s because of the wide range of features they got from low spreads to high leverages, bonuses and the best part is their Market Analysis, it really makes working simpler and easier by all means.
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Old 05-04-2019, 09:50 AM
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I agree with the author of the article. Sometimes I'm too lazy to trade. I can skip trades week by week. And sometimes there is a desire, and I trade every day for many hours.
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Old 06-11-2019, 07:35 AM
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I am always someone who trades according to the situation. So, if I see that there is good opportunity to trade, I will proceed on with it. And this is really what we all should be doing. I use mobile facility by my broker FreshForex and they even have lovely rebate program, where I can get huge percentage back per trade, which only enhances my working and makes life so much easier.

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