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12 new instruments are now available for trading via Libertex
The Libertex trading platform has provided its traders with an opportunity to trade 12 new instruments. New assets are intended for both traders, who are interested in earning on traditional instruments, and those who trade Cryprocurrency assets.
Now traders can operate with the following Cryprocurrencies:
• Cardano (ADAUSD) – token of an innovative platform created for the implementation of a Cryptocurrency economy and democratization of monetary turnover.
• NEM (XEMUSD) – the Cryptocurrency and the platform for data management on the basis of blockchain technology.
• Stellar (XLMUSD) – it is also not just a Cryptocurrency, but a platform for currency transactions.
• EOS (EOSUSD) – a token that is used in the blockchain architecture and intended for scaling decentralized applications, which is also the new project by Dan Larimer.
• TRON (TRXUSD) – the Cryptocurrency used by the decentralized platform in the TRON entertainment industry
• Stratis (STRATUSD) - the Cryptocurrency and the platform for the development of corporate applications.
Apart from this, 6 CFDs on stocks of Russian and other foreign companies are now available to traders:
• Aeroflot (AFLT) – one of the world´s oldest and the largest airline company in Russia.
• Novatek (NVTK) –Russian gas company.
• MTS (MTS) –Russian telecommunication company.
• Rosneft (ROSN) – Russian oil and gas company, being one of the world´s largest.
• Nornickel (GMKN) – one of the world´s largest producers of nickel and palladium.
• Netflix (NFLX) - American entertainment company, the provider of films and series to the main steaming multimedia.
The new instruments are available to traders via the Libertex terminal that was recognized to be the best trading application of 2017 and the best Cryprocurrency broker according to Forex Awards.
About Libertex
Libertex is a trading platform that is at the forefront of modern financial technologies. It allows performing transactions with more than 180 financial instruments. Both traditional financial assets, such as CFDs on stocks, indexes, energy carriers, etc. and innovative financial instruments - Cryptocurrencies, as well as Cryptocurrency cross rates are available for trading via the Libertex Exchange. Professionals all over the world recognize the leadership positions of Libertex, both in the traditional trading segment and in the field of innovative financial instrument trading.
In 2016 Libertex was recognized as the best trading application of 2016 in the EAEU, according to the Global Banking and the Finance Review, the leading financial magazines.
For more details please contact our press-service via [email protected]
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