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Which program is a better fit?

Promoting Share4you and Forex4you you are entitled to benefit from either of our three partner programs. Become part of our success!
For partners with promotional capacity of a website, popular blog or a social media account.

Affiliate Program
Benefit from a three-level program. Earn from the clients of partners and their sub-partners.
If you attract another partner you will receive a 16.7% commission on all earnings generated by that partner. And it gets even better — when that
partner signs up other partners, you will receive a 5.6% commission on all earnings generated by that sub-partner.

Agent program
Receive 65% of the spread and 65% of the order opening commission. Earn up to 75% if your clients’ monthly traded amount is over 1000 lots!

Pro STP Markup program
You can choose how much your attracted clients will pay you. Amounts available $2, $7, $15, $30, $40 or $50 per one traded lot.
This program is available only for Pro STP accounts.

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