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Cryptocurrencies Analytical Forecast

This cryptocurrency is the main follower of Bitcoin. Besides, it smoothens the enormous disparity between the most popular digital active and the market. In the short term, Ethereum is due to ascend.
At the same time this cryptocurrency is overbought, and it is possible to expect its correction. According to the technical analysis by Libertex, the first support level is situated at 740 dollars. The following barriers are at 575, 500-480 and 400 dollars.
If the first level of support is tested, the trend may change from bullish to bearish. At the beginning of 2018 Ethereum is supposed to grow up to 800-100 and then proceed to the correction. In this context, it can be recommended to sell.
However, in the long run this cryptocurrency has very good prospects. For instance, in 2017 some high-tech corporations formed the Enterprise Ehtereum Alliance to invest in the development of the platform. This had a positive impact on the coin’s capitalization.
The other growth factor is the possible use of Ethereum in realization of secured transactions by banks and big corporations. Some companies have already started using the platform for payments, others have just started testing the technology. The increasing interest in the practical use of Ethereum may well attract strong investors in the currency.

This cryptocurrency is a very attractive active to be bought, because of its relatively low price and good prospects. Despite some volatility registered before, Ripple stays in the framework of long term expansion. The short-term prospects are neutral, while the long-term predictions are positive. This currency’s price may soon reach 1 dollar.
This month the firm put 55 billion XRP in escrow. In the medium perspective, the reduced number of coins in circulation favors Ripple’s revaluation. Moreover, the company has recently signed contracts with the American Express and the Santander bank about the future use of Ripple’s blockchain in international remittances.
Still, the coin’s prospects in 2018 depend exclusively on attracting new clients for subsequent integration of Ripple into their systems. According to the recent data, the representatives of various exchange boards paid attention to the system. Hence, if the information is confirmed, this cryptocurrency is expected to grow rapidly.

In the long term, this cryptocurrency is overbought, and long-term investors should not open positions here right now. However, traders can expect a leap in prices. The cryptocurrency may reach near 260 dollars in the near future.
At the same time, a small reverse movement may take place. Nevertheless, this cryptocurrency is believed to be the “safe haven” for investors, who can stay here during the periods of instability of other digital currencies. That is to say, Litecoin holds its positions very well in the time of high volatility.
Following factors are listed among main reasons of positive dynamics of Litecoin in the future: rapid growth in 2017, strong correlation with the exchange rate of Bitcoin (that is still expected to ascend) and its possible practical use in secured transactions’ realization that may attract massive investment.

The last upwards trend of this currency has been broken and there are signals to close long-term positions. In order to make Dash grow and advance, its developers should continue using two major benefits of the system – the development fund and the decentralization. This guarantees the democratic way of progress and the funding of worthy projects.
Dash may reach the level of 1200 dollars at the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2018. If this level is surpassed, the rebound may take place and the cryptocurrency may reach 1500 dollars.
In general, Dash is a promising currency that may repeat an upward trend and break new records.

Prepared by Ivan Marchena, Libertex Analyst
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