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Default Alpha Capital Markets Scam broker

Alpha Capital Markets is a scam broker, uses the same unethical practices like most of systematic fraudulent do in the forex industry.
they offer you everything best to start relation and after you win consistently, they delay your orders and you start to see a lot of slippages.
same old tricks adopted by losing market maker as they run book against your order flow.

Just wanted to alert all the forex traders Alpha Capital Markets is sophisticated cheat who will systematically rip your money.

Alpha Capital Markets use cheat order matching systems that shows you narrow spreads and when it comes to execution they will fill your order on different price. The fraud unethical order matching engine works on the logic whereby if they cover better price Alpha Capital Markets confirm client order or else they pass you slippage and systematically rigging your trades.

In addition will you trade with broker who has biggest conflict of interested of offering shares in customer loss.
And those share they never give you back.

website backlink url:
About Alpha Capital Markets (ACM Group PLC) UK
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